Your partner may think that you have already done everything in bed and you know everything, although you haven’t stopped liking it. Who said three is a crowd? We suggest you the new black in escort services: services for couples.

15 August 2017  - 

The profile of client who attends brothels has been changing for years now. They are no longer lonely businessmen passing around Barcelona, or married men who want to experiment with escorts. They go far beyond a typical group of friends celebrating a bachelor party or the young boys looking for easy and quick sex. Nowadays, dating escorts isn’t restricted only to men, but open to their girlfriends or partners, which is commonly known as Services for couples. If you had never thought about it, read this post to write down new ideas.

Broadening your relationship

After taking a look to the divorce statistics in Spain, we see that 50% of the couples end splitting up. The reasons are diverse: too much television, mutual aversion, boredom, snoring, the fearsome cheating or diverse infidelities or the lack of passion.

If we have reached the point where our sexual life in couple starts to be boring, we can be alert, take some Tabasco sauce and add a spicy touch to our relationship. Don’t take much time in making your choice because during that gap of time, your partner may make her own way and stop counting on you.

How to fuel the flame of passion

Have you already tried gifts, expensive dinners, sexy lingerie, a weekend in Mallorca, new age poetry, new hairstyles and integral laser depilation, conditioned air in the room, dancing like Ricky Martin and still nothing? It’s time to get to a more serious plan to emergency situations.

Your partner may think that you’ve already done everything in bed and you know everything, although you haven’t stopped liking it. It’s inevitable to gaze at that which excites us when it passes right in front of us. On our hottest moments, we start daydreaming about experiences which go far beyond what we already know. We are in danger!

Opening your mind, being generous and racy is all you need to take the plunge. Who said three is a crowd? We suggest you the new black in escort services: services for couples.

Services for couples

It’s true you can request this service to an escort and not exactly coming with your partner. A friend, a distant cousin or a stranger can also pretend they are your couple, but let’s focus on bringing your real girlfriend or wife.

It may seem forward, but many women daydream about the idea of having sex with another woman. You are the best way to hand this experience to her on a silver platter. That would mean to be a step ahead the loss of passion and turn on the flame again.

By talking to the escorts who offer services for couples, we have found that the woman is usually the one who enjoys most their company. “Many times, the husband requests this service because he wants to see his wife into another woman’s arms, however, she’s who is enjoying most. On the one hand, her husband is extra excited; on the other hand, she’s experimenting with a stunning woman who knows what to do. It’s a full evening for both. Both of them have real fun and they’ll probably repeat.”

The exhibitionist and the voyeur

If you like to watch your partner when she’s unaware, when she takes a shower or don’t miss any detail while you are having sex, you may have a voyeur inside. If you are the wife and like to be observed by your husband; you undress in the room pretending you aren’t being observed and leave the toilet door ajar, so he can look, you may have an exhibitionist inside.

If you already suspect it and are a little tired of observing and being observed, the next step is a professional of sex between both of you. What else could a voyeur want in addition to see how his wife makes out with a hot escort?

The summum for the girlfriend or wife who gets turned on as she thinks her partner is looking at her is sleeping with an escort and letting him see everything in first person, listen to all the moaning and even see the drops of sweat and flow.

Sex: everything to explore

The fact of sharing the bed with a professional of sex helps to leave an open window, so our relationship can breathe. Some men can feel threatened by believing their wife will start doing lesbian shows on her own without warning him, but think that if it’s already on her mind, she will make it happen. In at case, you’d better be part of that fantasy.

The trust to tell you what she wants to try and share as a couple is one of the best ways to approach and be honest to your relationship. Once we reach this point, the options are infinite. The couple can remain united and live sex together, but pleasing the likings and fantasies of both.

Although this may seem crazy to many men, the truth is that offering this possibility to your girlfriend or wife can have a negative answer, but if it has an affirmative answer, your desire will be relaunched and your possibilities multiplied.

After the threesome with an escort

If one of the things you have in common with your partner is the passion, after experimenting the threesome with an escort, you can check other options. The erotic games with escorts can be infinite. Now that you have already found out how are services for couples like, she could also ask you for the fantasies to make come true together. Hard or mild BDSM would be suggestions for those who still want to spill Tabasco.

Costumes, fetishes, toys, lube, very creative scenarios are some of the suggestions we are making to you. Now that we are being creative, once we have set sails, we won’t take the wind out of them.

15 August 2017  - 

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