We are in carnival and, as expected, our suggestions are going to be very saucy. Invented so that lords could mix with plain people, it has been a date with luxury since forever. Therefore, it’s essential to add an erotic touch to it.

20 February 2017  - 

We are in carnival and, as expected, our suggestions are going to be very saucy. Carnival is one of the games that adults can play and enjoy like children. During these days, our streets are full of super-heroes, epoque characters, cartoons, fantastic beasts and, our favorite, saucy eroticism. Today, we will speak about the best costumes suggestions to have fun in parties and bed.

Being sexier, more attractive and adding a funny and original touch are what we are looking for while we are deciding for one or another costume. Carnival is celebrated in many different ways all around the world. Rio de Janeiro’s one is full of creativity. Feathers, shiny fabrics, little bikinis, music and much party. Italy is renowned by the Carnival of Venice. Invented so that lords could mix with plain people, it has been a date with luxury, fashion and elegance in the most genuine Italian style since forever. Its international icon is a white, golden or silver mask that prevent us from showing our face.

Carnival is the right time to dress up as anything. Indians and cowboys, superman, politicians, Michael Jackson, or Madonna, gangsters, Romans and Egyptians, smurfs or drag queens. Costumes are the perfect way to grab attention and start a conversation. We are looking for having fun and flirting. Therefore, it’s essential to add an erotic touch to it.

Sexy princess

Some psychological studies have revealed how the others perceive us depending on what costume we are wearing. If you are looking for a casual sexual encounter, then you can choose a stripper costume, but if you’d rather get a romance, our advice is to get a princess costume, of course, the sexier the better.

Introducing to the other people as a high-class woman but very sexy is the best way to grab the attention of those who are looking for the same you do.

Hiding your face behind a mask in the purest Italian style will make you stand out over the rest of princesses. Satin, silk, laces, a sexy cleavage, a striking wig and some accessories to complete your outfit will be the best weapons for you to find your prince.

James Bond

One of our suggestions for men is to dress up as James Bond. Tuxedos are a safe bet to be the most attractive in a party. There are few times that women have the opportunity to see a man in such an attractive way.

It’s a comfortable and easy costume because tuxedos are a common item in many men’s closets. We can’t forget the sexy touch of weapons in the hands of nicely dressed people. A gun is all the atrezzo needed to complete your James Bond’s outfit.


Wearing a Superman or Supergirl costume is very commonplace, but it’s still very successful. Batman and Robin, ninjas and samurais, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Robin Hood, Zorro and Sherlock Holmes are some of the suggestions to become a super-hero for a night.

Characters of recent movies like Beatrix from Kill Bill wearing a tight yellow suit and holding a long katana are less common costumes, but one of the best suggestions without losing the erotic touch.


Air hostesses, pilot, policewoman and cowgirl are other right options. Although they are the most typical in carnival, each one of them can be original its own way. Let’s talk about some of the most renowned.


The sailor costume is one of the most seen in costume parties. In the feminine version, a short mini-skirt and a sexy cleavage are a must. And also a sailor hat and high heels.

Sailor men are thought to be strong and rude living a hard life in the sea and having one girl in every port. We recommend this costume especially to those men who have strong arms. A blue and white striped t-shirt looks better on strong biceps. White trousers and a white hat with an anchor are easy to find. If you want to make your outfit be perfect, then don’t forget to get an anchor or a siren tattooed on your arm and, of course, get a smoking pipe.


Playing the sexy nurse role fulfills the erotic dream of many men. In t he doctor/nurse duo, the second element is the clear winner. Nurses take part in the dirtiest fantasies of many men. So, if you want to be the centre of attention, try to dress up as the most attractive character of all.

There are escorts specialized in fulfilling this fantasy. Their secrets are stretchers, phonendoscopes, suppositories, and much know-how.

We have found many sites on the Internet that offer the possibility to dress up without complications. We can buy the whole outfit all the accessories included. White and red details are usually the most demanded colours for this costume. Although there are other versions equally sexy like the black latex one and the pin-up style with a camouflage pattern.


Again, we are playing with our unconscious to suggest this erotic costume. Firemen who extinguish the fire of passion are a real sexual stereotype. Blue trousers, a naked and muscled torso and a red helmet. Don’t forget to add some black stains on your face and hold a fake fire extinguisher, or a hose. Men who choose this costume have women’s attention guaranteed.

Any of these options are good to have fun in carnival. We have to exploit the moment, since games and parties aren’t always running free through the streets.

20 February 2017  - 

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