Who hasn’t never dreamt of experimenting a good titfuck, both getting or giving it? In this opening of Autumn, we will warm the atmosphere with one of the most innocent and sauciest perversions: titfuck.

20 October 2017  - 

Who hasn’t never dreamt of experimenting a good titfuck, both getting or giving it? According to our studies, everybody daydreams about using the breasts for other things apart from showing and admiring them. In this opening of Autumn, we will warm the atmosphere with one of the most innocent and sauciest perversions: titfuck.

Hurrah for the titfuck!

Hurrah for women, their breasts and titfucks! We love every part involving a titfuck, but we love women above all. Curvy girls with round traits, a sweet accent and a deep gaze. Women and specially Latin women are a worldwide sex symbol because of many reasons.

Titfuck plays a major role in our common sexual fantasies, the same as anal sex and oral sex. In our country, there sexy women from very hot nationalities, like Cubans, who make the temperature raise in a very special way.

A titfuck is a dream come true. Many men, since the earliest puberty, spend their spare time on the Internet looking for tutorial videos trying to get a talented girlfriend to make his hottest fantasies come true.

The art of masturbing using the breasts instead of the hands is really hot.

How to make a titfuck?

The titfuck needs some essential elements to be done. First of all, we need a great pair of breasts because if they don’t have the proper volume, it gets complicated. Secondly, we need a penis of a standard size. If it’s too small, it’s still possible to make it, but it would look like more to a game of skills and abilities than a sexual practice. Thirdly, a little lube always help to make it work.

The man can sit comfortably and the escort would place between his legs. Sometimes, the practice starts with a blowjob to cheer you up or by using the hands to get a hard-on. You can also limit to the titfuck and reach it within just the touch of the escort’s breasts.

One of its versions

The titfuck, as every other wank, has a lot of versions. On our beloved blog, we have thought over and highlighted the richness of the human brain when it comes to sex. There’s no other species in the animal kingdom more creative than ours when it’s to practice the most interesting activity in bed.

The titfuck has an improved version called titfuck blowjob. If you haven’t tried this delight yet, it’s the next practice we suggest after a titfuck.

In the titfuck blowjob, masturbation is also performed with the help of the breasts instead of the hands, but it also adds the mouth to improve the experience. It would be alike to a blowjob where the penis isn’t hold by the hands, but with the breasts of the escort.

I love myself, desire myself and it’s enough

The masturbation is one of those practices that religions strive against, apart from not eating or drinking certain delicatessens. These prohibitions, that in many occasions have been more important than the “thou shalt not kill” commandment, are a part of the delights of human, animal and plant life.

The masturbation, aka wanking, is the way that living beings have to get self-pleasure without needing to count on anyone else. There are people who like masturbation so much that would rather have it instead sharing their intimate moments with anyone else.

There are even manuals to improve this wonderful practice that accompanies us since the beginning of our time, so it can’t be something wrong. The use of lube, latex gloves, ice cubes and a long etcetera are elements that can enrich our moments of self-satisfaction.

All pleasure

Both physically and psychologically, masturtation has effects more than positive for our health. The same as sex with other people, wanking and titfucking help us to generate endorphins, the hormones responsible for our welfare, which are secreted when we eat chocolate, caress someone, reach orgasm or walk in the nature. We can get all that by simply practicing masturbation.

Our mood and the color of our skin improve and our eyes sparkle. Stress is released, the tone of our voice gets softer and we see our situation from a more peaceful, more positive optic. Any kind of wank, a titfuck or a simple masturbation, can be used as a powerful sexual game. It’s usually an intimate practice and most people feel a deep excitement when the person they like masturbates in front of them.

That’s why many porn movies focus some of their scenes only on masturbation. A naked woman alone at a garden masturbates under the watchful eye of her neighbor hidden in the bushes, is a very recurring picture in porn.

Advice on masturbation

Our first advice is to practice it. Don’t stop yourself because of divine punishments or childish fears, in case you have been told that you’d go to hell, if you dared to try it. According to the surveys, most of the teenagers masturbate, particularly boys; although girls probably masturbate the same or even more, but recognize it less. There is much to conquer already so women can enjoy their sexuality openly, the same as men, but they are improving positions in the ranking.

In couple or alone, masturbation is a real pleasure we shouldn’t never give up. Try to ask your partner to do it openly on the bed and check how hot the room gets.

If you enjoy masturbation already, then try to do it with an escort with large breasts expert in titfuck.

20 October 2017  - 

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