Feminine feet play a very important role in the world’s eroticism since immemorial times. We only have to take a look to the shoe and sandal designs in both ancient and nowadays representations to notice it.

15 March 2017  - 

Feminine feet play a very important role in the world’s eroticism since immemorial times. We only have to take a look to the shoe and sandal designs in both ancient and nowadays representations to notice this isn’t a nowadays thing.

Passion for feet has a lot of different aspects. Nails are important, and so they are the instep, softness and, of course, how they look like. For all that reasons and many more, feet deserve a special post. Today, on our beloved blog, we will pay attention to the world of feminine feet and the passion they provoke.

Not only between your legs, but also your feet!

There are some reactionaries who think that our genitals represent the whole erogenous area. And they are so wrong! Feet are an excellent part to play in bed with our couple or partner.

Finding out the importance of feet in the sex game can save long relationships; but making the first experiences remind in your memory as something very special can also save you.

Even Pablo Neruda dedicated a poem to them entitled “Tus Pies” (Your Feet). They carried his lover all around the world and they were which brought her to him. When couples go to bed, they play a little bit with their feet, it’s maybe the last contact in the day. And, maybe the first one and thanks to that they get involved in morning sex.

The debate leads us to Pulp Fiction

The passion for feet is something some people understand and some others don’t. You know what dilemma we are talking about, right? In a scene of the movie, two gangsters have an argument about the murder of a business partner, who has been dropped through a window by the gangsters’ chief after finding out that he massaged his wife’s feet.

What kind of hidden and subtle eroticism do feet have? To some people, they are simply what we use to walk, to others, touching them is a game plenty of eroticism. We don’t have to travel around the world and come back to find out more about the passion of men for women's’ feet. We have talked to some escorts of La Vie en Rose about this matter.

What do escorts think about the debate suggested by the gangsters in Pulp Fiction? To them, it’s clear. “Almost all the men pay attention to feet, but some of them pay much attention. They are able to spend a whole afternoon with me going from shoe shop to shoe shop only to see me trying different models of shoes. They can buy me even 3 o 4 pairs, one per store,” has commented the Italian escort.

The Brazilian escort has told us that feet are one of the body parts that escorts take most care of. “My feet are very important to me. Many men caress, kiss and lick them. If it’s summer, they ask me to wear sandals. There have been some men who only wanted to take care of them. Polish the nails, apply cream, and so on.”

Red hot nails

How to get the perfect feet? Many women have it clear, a weekly session of pedicure. Moisturising cream, essential oils, massages and red hot nails, of course. The university teen escort has told us so. “To me, it is really important to have nice feet because my clients want to touch and kiss them. I like showing them on my profile picture because it’s kind of a code for fetishists. I want them to look very cared, with red nails. They like it very much.”

What can you perform with feet?

Putting genitals and annus aside, we can also enjoy a sexual game with feet much before getting to oral sex or penetration. We have to be more imaginative and stop acting fool.

A massage: A feet massage is an excellent way to approach each other. However, don’t forget all the parts. The feet soles, ankles, feet toes, heels, and insteps; everything is important and pleasurable.

Sexy tights: Although sex is had in private, it isn’t a bad idea to add a touch of naughtiness by wearing fishnet tights, for instance, to catch the attention of our sexual partner. You can also choose on for your own and have them ready to give them to her at a proper moment.

Taking a bath and taking care of feet: A bath is the right moment to play with them. Hot water, a sponge and an exfoliating glove complete the experience.

Using feet to massage: Nice soft feet are a powerful erotic weapon and unbeatable tools to massage backs. The heel is perfect to relax tense and knotted muscles. The leg controls the pressure and our partner enjoys a gentle massage full of sensuality.

Henna painting: If you don’t dare to get a tattoo, you can get a henna session and decorate your feet with beautiful floral patterns or a special symbol for you and your partner. Henna fades away after some days, it isn’t toxic and allows us to give free rein to our imagination.

Licking feet toes: Although everybody did it when we were children, some years after we need someone to feel it again. We aren’t able to do it anymore, unless we are contortionists. There are gels with different flavours and scents to get a better experience. Some people say that the thumb is directly connected to the clitoris. So, everybody should start licking women’s thumbs!

15 March 2017  - 

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