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It doesn't matter if outside it‘s raining and thundering, escorts to domicile are now more requested than ever. Sexual parties in mansions or yachts, one hour meetings at an apartment or a hotel room, they are ways of spending a nice sweet time in the hands of the best escorts in Barcelona.

Coming over to the bar of La Vie en Rose and have a drink opens a gate to all the possibilities. The client can meet his favorite escort, confess her his sauciest and most lustful fantasies and get to the room to fulfill them.

After this nice encounter, the client has to put his underwear on and come back home, the same as the escort. However, inviting a slut to your domicile is much more comfortable for the host and everything works right.

Let’s take a look to the situation. You are at your home or hotel alone and get horny. You are tired and don’t feel like getting ready and go to a brothel. What can you do then? You can pick up the phone and make a call so your night is highly satisfactory.

Fucking at home

Fucking at home, or at a hotel room is very advantageous. The first of its advantages is that you can relax and fall asleep after performing a sexy somersault. The escort will leave discreetly until the next day you meet. There is no hurry. You can give yourself into the land of dreams without worrying about the expenses.

Provided that escorts come to your home, they are the ones entering your territory instead of the opposite. The client has all the control, can adjust the date times, offer his favorite drink, choose the music that makes him be aroused, take a viagra in case he can't get a hard-on.

The clients who date escorts at their own home are usually more attentive than the brothel clients. Obviously, in their own territory they can get a bottle of champagne, something for dinner to talk to the escort and warm up the atmosphere and similar courtesies.

The coldness of a quick 20-minute sexual encounter isn’t as attractive as the warmth of a living room with a dinner for two.

Sexual party at home

A man who wants to impress his friends invite them to go punting. A man who wants to be the alpha male of his herd invites some escorts to his own home and call his friends so they see his powerful array.

It’s a sexual game against everyone else at their own territory and everyone fucks gladly. The party remains in his friends’ minds and the host gets pats on his back for the following ten years.

Quality comes at a price

Not all the escorts have outcalls to domicile in their list of services. Moving around involves the price increases. On the one hand, because she will lose time while she gets in a cab and, on the other hand, because some clients request fetishes, so carrying a suitcase full of whips, lube, chains and handcuffs isn’t the same than having all on hand at the suite.

Talking to the clients of La Vie en Rose, we have found out that it is also possible to get a service for couples for your domicile.

Some advantages

If the encounter with an escort is at a hotel room, we will avoid the smell of different perfumes of a brothel. Some clients would rather have this kind of date to avoid being seen, or betrayed by any detail. Like a hair, a scent, a sequin or anything that may reveal you have been punting.

Domicile prostitutes often work independently. That means they don’t collaborate with agencies. They advertise, have their clients and pick up their phone to arrange their agenda. They are called independent escorts. Can they be as good as the ones who collaborate with agencies? Of course. In fact, it is possible that they work alone at some moment and sometimes work with the support of an agency.

We have talked to the domicile and hotel escorts and, according to what they have told us, to men it is essential to be comfortable and warm at home. Many men call an escort in the blink of an eye. That’s because they are tired, they don’t feel like going out to the street, but they want a domestic fuck.

Here it is where the slut to domicile fits. If you live alone, the better. You can represent the best porn scenes of your favorite movies and make a mess. Soil the sheets, groan and scream to make the neighbors be jealous and take maximum advantage until the last minute. If you hire an hour with an escort, you will probably want to enjoy the whole 60 minutes and don’t want that everything ends as soon as the cum comes.

A fresh and nice setting

A garden, a swimming pool, a round bed, a luxurious yacht, a vineyard or a collection of Persian cats can be innovative elements to enhance the sexual encounter. Las suites are really good, but some men miss the contact with nature while fucking, so they fuck more joyfully if they are outdoors, or at their own space.

27 December 2016  - 

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