In the upper area of ​​Barcelona you will find La Vie en Rose, an exclusive and discreet whorehouses. Whether you call by phone or go directly to it, you will find a receptionist who will guide you and answer all your questions.

Are you a regular client of whorehouses Barcelona or have you never visited this type of premises?


The word puticlub is usually used in a derogatory way and is associated with men who have all kinds of vices, but if we leave aside prejudice, reality is very different. Of course we are going to talk about legal hostels, which have nothing to do with the mafias, sexual exploitation, or pimping. There are premises of this type, with licenses from the corresponding municipalities, and which meet an endless number of requirements that are required by regulations such as, schedules, legal, administrative and health provisions, etc ...

As one of the characteristics of the human being it is the fear of the unknown, both men and women who have never entered a brothel Barcelona, ​​make up in their minds the image of a gloomy place, with little light, men letting themselves be carried away by lust and debauchery, and dirty women selling their body in exchange for money. On the opposite side, there are the regular clients and customers, with whom it would be very interesting to be able to talk, because we would realize that there are many and very varied circumstances that lead them to visit these dating houses.


I want to know a brothel Barcelona


Among the most common motivations that lead men and women to go to these venues, is the lack, yes, as you hear it. The lack of a partner, since many of them are usually single, single, who do not want to establish formal relationships, but rather enjoy sex. Lack of understanding and affection, because they need to talk to someone and enjoy a good time of company. Lack of good sex in your relationship, either due to monotony or other problems in your partner.

Our first advice, as we have already commented previously, is that you make sure that the place you visit is legal and complies with all the regulations. If you have a friend whom you can consult, it will be of great help to you, there are more men than we think visit the whorehouses in Barcelona. The escorts you will find are independent girls who exercise freely, but who are looking for places where they can keep their encounters in a safe environment, and with good hygienic conditions. Surely you have heard on some occasion that of "I only had a drink", because it is true, there are some brothel, with a bar type bar, where you can actually chat for a while with some prostitute and have a drink, without having to have sex. Instead, our facilities are private apartments where rooms are rented.


What can i do in a Barcelona whorehouse?


One of the latter's premises that we have mentioned and that is in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​is La Vie en Rose. Whether you are calling by phone or directly approaching you, you will find a person who can guide you and to whom you can ask any questions that may arise. Make all the consultations you need without taboos. Think that although it is the first time for you, in the case of escorts it is not.

They are used to dealing with the client, and they fully understand that the first time causes insecurity, coldness and even sometimes embarrassment. They will offer you a wide repertoire of services so that you can choose what you like the most:

  • Erotic
  • massages golden rain
  • Deep throat
  • Natural or complete French 
  • Anal Sex 
  • Greek


Although these are the most basic, you can always choose some others such as sado, kiss white, black kiss, etc.


And can I be accompanied to a whorehouse? 


Yes, of course, both from another man and a woman. Yes, although it is not the most common, women can also go as a man's escorts, to request a couple service or a trio or alone if they want to request a lesbian service. The basic thing in a Barcelona brothels is that all parties act without coercion and with absolute sexual freedom.

La Vie en Rose will offer you all the security and professionalism you need if it is your first time (our clients already know us). You will find a large group of escorts that will undoubtedly help you feel at home and make the most of the experience!

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