Sex, according to its biological definition, is a set of peculiarities that characterize the individuals of a species, dividing them into masculine and feminine.

We will not call it love, but sex Barcelona


Both human beings, plants and animals are taken into account in this definition, provided that such a distinction can be made in the group. According to historical data, the first sexual relationship appeared more than a billion years ago, although in this case, it was done for a reproductive purpose. As proof of this, we could find Paleolithic paintings in which couples could already be seen kissing and caressing each other. 

To get a little closer to the concept of sex that we have today, as an experiment in pleasure, we can look at the Romans and Egyptians. We have all seen movies, pictures or cartoons from ancient Greece with men and women having group sex, or a majestic pharaoh surrounded by a harem of concubines ready to satisfy him. Without forgetting history, we will take a much more current definition, and we will focus on erotic experiences, which are not only the result of instinct or impulse, but also encompass physical or emotional aspects.


Are we only talking about penetration when we talk about sex in Barcelona ?


Well, obviously... No. Currently there are still countless taboos on this subject, which are nothing if we compare them with those of our closest ancestors as fathers, mothers or grandparents in their youth. The term sex comes from the Latin "sexus" and is mixed with the Greek word "genus" that derives in genitality. Hence we have a habit of thinking about sex and automatically relating it to the sexual organs. 

Before reaching the climax that is the peak of intimate relationships (it should be), there is a more or less rapid process. One of the attitudes we first adopt to achieve our purpose would be courtship. There are those who understand this part as a day-to-day conquest that can be prolonged in time, and that usually occurs when looking for a stable relationship. Others put physical sensation first and even if they do not know the person in front of them as much, a chat time, a dinner, a few drinks... 

It is enough for them to achieve their goal. And there are also those who want to satisfy their sexual desire without conquests or ties and simply enjoy. In the latter, we could include clients of the hostess, although in this case the "feeling" with theis very important escorts. For all this, we reaffirm that when we refer to sex, we not only speak of penetration, but a set of attitudes linked to the act itself.


Sex Barcelona, always safe and to enjoy


You will surely hear the words trio or "ménage à trois", orgy or group sex, swinger... When we talk about sexual relations, we always assume that they are between two people , but many times it is not. In the case of trios, it is clear that three people participate, regardless of whether they are men or women. 

In orgies there are several individuals who maintain relationships in the same place, and at the same time without excluding any of the groups, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, etc... And the swingers establish that it is a stable couple or not, the who have sex with one or more people, are what are known as liberal couples. As each person is a world, and the imagination is free, the range is very wide, and we can verify it if we go to have sex Barcelona inat La Vie en Rose. Many of the escorts independent that collaborate in this place are bisexual and do not have taboos, nor of course any inconvenience in serving couples, having threesomes, or having a great time participating in a group sex session. 

To enjoy you just have to know yourself and know what you like, of course. To do it safely, always use condoms, which prevent us from diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. And to find the perfect company with which to carry out all these fantasies, and a thousand and one more, you just have to call La Vie en Rose.

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