Venezuelan 20 years
  • Height 155 cm
  • Weight 45 kg
  • Measures 90-60-95
  • Languages Spanish, English


Sol is a 20-year-old Venezuelan girl with a very sweet personality and a beauty that can be described as angelic. With her slim figure and angelic face, it's hard not to notice her as she walks by. You will find in her the perfect companion, friendly, affectionate and always ready to help others. You have great empathy and care deeply about the feelings of others. Her sweetness and sensitivity are qualities that make her stand out and attract others to her. You will be dazzled by his charming personality. She is an attractive and elegant woman. Despite being slim, her body is curvaceous and very feminine. She is always well dressed and knows how to bring out her best features. Its natural beauty is complemented by its simple and sophisticated style. Despite her angelic appearance, Sol also has an inner strength that has helped her overcome the challenges in her life. She is a resilient and fighting person who has learned to face adversity with courage and perseverance. This sweet escort is passionate about music and loves to sing. She also enjoys reading and spending time in nature, whether it's on the beach or in the country. Her curiosity about the world leads her to want to discover new places and experience new things. Charming young lady who radiates sweetness and elegance. Her kind and loving personality is complemented by her natural beauty and inner strength. He is a person who stands out in any environment and who is a source of inspiration for others.


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