Venezuelan 19 years
  • Height 165 cm
  • Weight 57 kg
  • Measures 90-59-100
  • Languages Spanish, Catalan


Génesis is a 19-year-old Venezuelan girl full of life, energy and charm. Her fun and outgoing personality makes her the life of any gathering. With her contagious laugh and her spontaneity, she is always ready to make those around her smile. You can find her immersed in the pages of a book letting herself be carried away by her imagination. She loves to explore new perspectives and have new adventures……… She is a liberal young woman, open-minded and willing to break barriers. It is not limited by social conventions and dares to challenge the established norms. Her independent spirit drives her to follow her passions without fear of the judgment of others. She has an absolutely charming personality, and she is a very sensual young lady. Her self-confidence and connection to her own body allow her to explore her most sensual side naturally and without inhibition. Her sensuality is manifested in her way of moving, dressing and in her seductive look.

Sweet, loving, but sensual and seductive at the same time. She is an indomitable shrew, with a vibrant and passionate personality. Her love for reading, writing and art in general makes her a creative and curious person. Her liberal approach and sensuality are an integral part of who she is, showcasing her self-confidence and desire to live life to the fullest without holding back.


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