Latin 23 years
  • Height 165 cm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Measures 100-90-70
  • Languages Spanish


  Rouse is a charming 23-year-old Latina lady with radiant brown hair, this young woman has an exotic beauty that captivates all who are lucky enough to meet her. Her soft and smooth tan skin reveals the heritage of her beautiful Latino culture and makes her a seductive young lady. But if you look at her, what will really blow your mind is her charming smile. Her full and curved lips in a warm and welcoming gesture that illuminate her face and transmit a contagious energy. It is in that smile that his open and extroverted character and his willingness to enjoy everything are reflected, without taboos and without limits. She gives off sensuality from every pore of her skin, and her mere presence awakens passions and attractions. Its bearing and elegance give it an innate sensuality that does not go unnoticed. Each of the movements of those hips   when walking,   they make all eyes turn to her, magnetized by her presence. Always ready to enjoy her sexuality, her freedom, and all that life has to offer, she takes every opportunity to immerse herself in exciting experiences. Dancing to the rhythm of the music, savoring new culinary flavors or exploring fascinating places, her open mind and know-how make her an incomparable companion for enjoyment.

Rouse embodies sensuality, good energy, fun, freedom, seduction, and everything necessary so that sharing a while with her is like touching the sky...... Her dark hair, her charming smile and her spirit willing to enjoy everything that surrounds her make her a magnetic and captivating woman. With her, every moment becomes an experience full of passion and delight.


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