The most ardent, sexual and extreme Kiss there is. Snowballing consists of kissing the man passing his own semen onto him with the mouth after having ejaculated.

Snowballing is a sexual practice that consists of ejaculating into a person's mouth and for that person to pass the semen through a kiss. It's a very special service and extremely erotic. This practice is intimately linked to other services like fellatio, masturbation and the french kiss or kiss in the mouth with tongue. It's common that before the practice of sonwballing, the fellatio and masturbation have taken place.

This kind of special and intimate services guarantee a very pleasurable degree of extasy. Let's not forget that it takes place afetr the man's ejaculation which increases the sensation of pleasure. Kisses by themselves are a catalyst of sensations and in this case the exchange does not consist only of saliva but the man's semen too.

We can't forget that this service relies on the willingness of the escort and if she doesn't wish to perform it she is not obliged to. Sex, fantasies and erotic games are enjoyable when both parts wish to perform them. Our escorts are never obliged to perform any service they don't wish to practice. Also and despite the fact she does practice this service it will be her in ultimate instance who decides if she performs it or not.


Sweet, sensual and affectionate or passionate and naughty. The girls at La Vie en Rose are the best escorts in Barcelona and our brothel is up to that high standard.

Paola Sexy latin escort in Barcelona Novedad
Paola Sexy
Latin, 95-60-90
Mirela brazilian escort in Barcelona
Brazilian, 95-65-95
Lisy latin escort in Barcelona
Latin, 100-60-90
Ana russian escort in Barcelona Novedad
Russian, 90-60-95
Cherly dominican escort in Barcelona
Dominican, 105-60-95
Sofía colombian escort in Barcelona
Colombian, 100-60-100
Maigua latin escort in Barcelona
Latin, 95-60-90
Sharon colombian escort in Barcelona
Colombian, 95-60-95
Natasha colombian escort in Barcelona
Colombian, 95-60-85
Amanda cuban escort in Barcelona Novedad
Cuban, 95-60-90
Silvia spanish escort in Barcelona
Spanish, 100-60-90
Sasha serbian escort in Barcelona
Serbian, 85-60-90
Chloe colombian escort in Barcelona
Colombian, 95-60-90
Brenda latin escort in Barcelona Novedad
Latin, 90-60-95
Violeta paraguayan escort in Barcelona
Paraguayan, 100-60-95
Sandra french escort in Barcelona
French, 90-60-90
Edurne spanish escort in Barcelona Novedad
Spanish, 90-60-90
Layla latin escort in Barcelona Novedad
Latin, 130-65-95
Monica venezuelan escort in Barcelona
Venezuelan, 105-60-95


Here you have detailed the sexual practices more commonly provided by the escorts that visit our club.

La Vie en Rose is a brothel full of glamour that radiates eroticism everywhere. The luxury escorts in Barcelona you will find have been carefully chosen to satisfy all your erotic fantasies. Tell us your sexual fantasy and we will help you choose the most complete escort to make it come true. They say anything goes in sex so don't be shy and explain to us what is it that you want, as our mission is to make sure your stay and the service you have chosen is to your liking. We will help you clarify any doubts you may have. Here you have detailed de most common sexual practices performed by the escorts that visit our club.