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Escort Michelle

Meet Michelle...

A stunning lady from top to toe has arrived in Barcelona. Michelle, that's my name; I am elegant, pretty, well-mannered, let's say I am fully equipped with good qualities. In bed I am jaw-dropping, sex drives me crazy and I enjoy it a lot. I am an experienced outgoing mature escort, perfect to spend a good time with, or a night partying as well. Come and meet me, I'll be waiting for you.

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Star service: Titfuck

  • Shift: Night
  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: Hungarian
  • Services: Titfuck,  Titfuck blowjob,  Erotic massages,  Lesbian,  Services for couples,  Duplex
  • Measures: 95-60-90
  • Outcalls: To hotel, To domicile, Trips, Dinners and events
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Russian, Hungarian
  • Height: 166 cm.
  • Weight: 54 kg.
Escort Michelle
Escort Michelle
Escort Michelle
Escort Michelle


INTERVIEW: Services for couples are the best way to save your couple

We are at the end of 2015, what is your best experience this year?

My craziest nights ever. Most of them start at La Vie en Rose’s bar area, where I usually come to drink champagne with some of my colleagues. Then, we meet super-friendly men who are eager to have fun and we lose our way.

It seems like you have fun as an escort girl in Barcelona.

Yes, I’m a foreign escort, but I get along with some Colombian escorts, Italian escorts and Catalan escorts. I must have friends to perform a lesbian or a duplex in case my clients ask for it.

Who do you think they are the best escorts in Barcelona? Venezuelan escorts or Egyptian escorts?

I still haven’t met any Venezuelan escorts, but I worked with an Egyptian escort at an erotic party, and I had as much fun or more than our clients. She was a dark-skinned escort, her eyes were black, bright and passionate. Our clients wanted us to do 69 position and play with strap-ons and vibrating dildos. As an escort, I have much sex, but I’ve never felt so horny as that day.

Are there dates which are more pleasurable for you than for your clients?

It is not usual, but when it happens and you are being paid for it, you feel like Miss Universe. I offer some of my services  because I like them, and others because I want to improve my clients’ experiences.  There are escorts and whores in Barcelona who advertise fantasies and fetishes they don’t like, so their clients could become aware of it and be disappointed.

What fantasies did you make come true as an escort in Barcelona?

I have used many costumes. There are men who are bored of having vanilla sex, that kind of sex that any boring puritan couple has, ordinary, the kind of sex that makes you feel asleep. No, this kind of client look for something more, he might bring his friends to do an orgy or ask us to dress up as policewomen, nurses, students, fairy characters and stuff like that. You never know what makes your clients feel horny, so I’m open to suggestions.

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked as an escort or whore in Barcelona?

There is nothing weird in our job, escorts are more than used to satisfy men’s requests. I can say that the most usual is to be asked for a bareback blowjob, which I perform sensually with a naughty look on my face. I can also say that the less asked services are golden shower and services for couples.

What do services for couples consist of?

It may happen that a real couple, or a man and a woman, come to have sex with a professional in bed. There are men who go punting, and there are others who take their wives to go punting with them. The punter concept is really old, I have sex with women every week because I love it; I feel so attracted by it, almost as much as my clients love my body, it is a different way of having sex. Sometimes, the couples want me to look while they have sex, others want to look while I have sex with their female partner, so I fuck them and do a super-hot lesbian. Services for couples are the best way to save your couple.

Who do you think are sexier: Spanish escorts, Cuban escorts, or mature escorts?

I think that Cuban escorts and Spanish escorts are well reputed, they are hot in bed and have a catalogue of services which is full of typical fantasies for men. However, mature escorts also have a very good reputation in sex and escorting. Many foreign escorts prefer to advertise as mature escorts because of that.

So, clients don’t always date teen university escorts, right?

Right. Age is important and many men feel attracted by under-20-year-old teen university escorts, but they look for expert escorts in mature escorts who will make them have much fun.

Have you performed any erotic party or lesbian with a teen university escort?

There are many escorts who work at erotic parties, sometimes they invite a teen university escort, so I’ve had the opportunity to have sex with them. They are young, their boobs and pussy are so tasty, but not as tasty as a more experienced escort. Once, I was asked for a lesbian with a teen university escort and our client loved it. I had fun, but I don’t like the domination role and the teen escort was being more submissive than me. The experience was good because she had smooth skin and firm boobs and ass, but I didn’t feel as excited as the night with the Egyptian escort that I’ve explained before.

How would it be your perfect date?

I like to start with champagne and a little bit of dancing, then talk to the client, get to know him, ask him to tell me what he likes, so he gets horny. It is perfect when there is a connection between us, we like each other and feel horny, and we are willing to get to La Vie en Rose’s best suite to undress and fuck wildly.

Have you felt attracted by many of your clients?

No, not many, but when I like someone, I’m like an erupting volcano.


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