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Escort Erika

Meet Erika...

Hi, I'm Erika, a very beautiful, hot, sensual, Caribbean escort with tanned skin. I'm looking for polite men as horny as me. There are many girls in Barcelona, but no one is like me; I will do anything you ask for. I will fill your day with excitement. I am a very complete, compliant, affectionate, nice, smart, polite girl. I have all the qualities needed to please men like you. You can see it for yourself by coming over to La Vie En Rose at 46 Rector Ubach Street, Low floor, right in the upper area of ​​Barcelona. Ahhhh! I'm waiting for you with a little surprise: a creamy blowjob!

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Star service: Bareback Blowjob

  • Shift: Day
  • Age: 23
  • Nationality: Caribbean
  • Services: Bareback Blowjob ,  Erotic massages,  Services for couples
  • Measures: 105-60-90
  • Outcalls: To hotel, To domicile
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Height: 163 cm.
  • Weight: 55 kg.
Escort Erika
Escort Erika
Escort Erika
Escort Erika


Today we are interviewing Erika, a very sensual escort from La Vie en Rose. Elegance and a made-to-sin-body introduce her. She loves polite and as-horny-as-her boys. In addition, this amazing escort is ready to do all you ask for. How to resist Caribbean charm? She always has a surprise for their clients… Will she tell us what it is?

Why did you become an escort?

Basically, because I like sex. I’ve always liked sex. I get horny when I think about strangers gasping near my ear, pulling my hair out, or simply putting it in my throat.

What is the life of an escort like? Describe us how it is a normal day in your week.

I usually get up at ten. I have breakfast and when I’m done I get dressed up. Later on, I come over to La Vie en Rose to meet the client who is going to make me enjoy, and I’m going to make him enjoy like never before. When I come back home, I have dinner and I usually put my pyjamas on to watch a movie or a TV series until it’s time to go to bed.

Is there any difference between sex with an escort and casual sex at a nightclub?

I think this is a question for clients, but I think so. It’s so different due to the fact that escorts are very experienced in sex.

What do you think it is the most attractive part of your job?

(She laughs) I was expecting you made that question. That is the surprise for my clients. My creamy blowjob. I think it is so hot; my clients usually love it. The best part of it is of course to practice it…

What is your strongest service, aka that sexual practice every man on Earth should try with you?

Also my creamy blowjob (she laughs). The truth is I give really great blowjobs. Other service I’m good at is erotic massage. After fucking, almost all my clients give me their congratulations on my massage. They get really relaxed by my side, do you know what I mean? Hahaha.

Are escort services different with another woman? Tell us any experience.

Mmm… yes, it is different, but it doesn’t mean it is worse. I remember once somebody set up a date with me in a private apartment. I got surprised when I saw a woman. At the beginning I got nervous because it was my first time with a woman. However, when we got into real action I really enjoyed to the fullest and gave my best, so nothing can go wrong. In addition, that night I found out I’m very good at giving cunnilingus.

The most intense experience you’ve ever had with a client which you would like to repeat is…

I remember it perfectly because it was a little special. A client contacted me and explained he wanted to have sex in an elevator. At first, I was going to refuse it, but then I thought it could be nice. So we met where he told me to, and when we the elevator was running he stopped it. We started fucking like wild beasts. I was very horny and I imagined the neighbors would be waiting to take the elevator while I was on four. When I reached climax, my client rang the alarm-bell. I get my thong wet by thinking about it.There are few situations which get me as turned on as the elevator one, I didn’t expect it. So, now I allow my clients to surprise me often...


  • Juan - 19/11/2012 11:23:51

    Hola preciosa, cuanto tiempo has vuelto! Quiero verte pronto.
  • Marcos - 29/08/2011 01:17:41

    Te he visto y me pareces preciosa, igual que lo es tu país.Me gustaría me facilitaras tarifa y quisiera saber si puedo reservar para vernos en el local
  • alex - 23/08/2011 02:50:00

    hola a mi me gustaria quedar con michelle en mi piso y pasarla muy bien

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